Attention Landlords

property management photoDo you own a rental home?

Why it is a good idea to lease your home to Kitsap Homes of Compassion:

  • Guaranteed rent: The lease between KHOC and the owner/management company/ is cosigned by someone with high income and assets to take financial responsibility for the home. Rent is paid automatically from KHOC business account.
  • Extra insurance: A special insurance KHOC policy for house with high coverage will be written and the owner/management company will be added as “additionally insured”.
  • KHOC staff… monitor the condition of the home weekly. If minor repairs are needed, KHOC handyman staff will make the repairs themselves. We will take care of your property.
  • Long-term tenant: KHOC wants to be your “tenant” for many years.
  • No pets & no overnight guests: Our strict house rules forbid any pets or overnight guests.
  • Background checks: KHOC conducts a national criminal background check on applicants and we do not allow people with violent crime records in the last 3 years or anyone on the sex offender list. Most our residents have no criminal record whatsoever.
  • No management fee: We will essentially manager your property for you and charge you NO management fee.

If you own a rental house, please contact KHOC today! (Go to ‘CONTACT’ on the website menu.) We are always looking for homes.

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