Making a complaint

If an individual becomes aware of serious wrongdoing within Kitsap Homes of Compassion they may make a confidential complaint under this policy.

Serious wrongdoing includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • dishonesty, fraud or corruption;
  • instances of bribery or suspected terrorist engagement or involvement;
  • illegal acts (e.g. theft, drug sale, violence, criminal damage to property, or other breaches of the law);
  • unethical actions (e.g. dishonestly altering organizational records, engaging in questionable accounting practices, or willfully breaching the KHOC’s Regulations);
  • actions that are potentially damaging to the organization or dangerous to individuals associated with it (e.g. substantial wasting of resources);
  • actions likely to cause financial loss to KHOC and its partners or damage its reputation or be otherwise detrimental to organizational interests;
  • any other kind of serious impropriety.

Complaints can be made by these people:

  • a Program Participant
  • a volunteer in Kitsap Homes of Compassion
  • a former KHOC staff
  • a person seconded to KHOC
  • an individual contracted to KHOC
  • a client
  • a visitor
  • a participant in any KHOC activity.

How to make a complaint

The following information must be provided.

  • all facts describing the alleged event, issue or matter;
  • the name of each person involved;
  • dates, times and locations;
  • facts relevant to urgency; and
  • documentation, witnesses or other supporting evidence; and
  • contact details of the person making the allegation.

The complaint does not need to be in a particular format, but need to be in writing.

  • Participants should make a complaint to the House Manager of the house they are resident.
  • If they do not consider this appropriate, they may contact KHOC General Director.
  • If they do not consider this appropriate, they may contact KHOC the Ombudsman.

The participant will be given the opportunity to discuss the matter in private. Following a thorough investigation, the member or participant will receive a written decision within ten (10) working days, or an appropriate date will be given as to when a response should be expected.


KHOC will also ensure that no participant faces any retribution or is denied services after utilizing this grievance process.

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