Become a member of the KHOC family!

This menu provides a list of the key documents. Those interested in joining, and becoming a member (program participant), can print out and complete the “Prescreening Questionnaire” and give it to your KCR Housing Solutions Center navigator.

When the Questionnaire is approved, the interested person can download, print, and complete the Program Application and submit it to Kitsap Homes of Compassion or to your KCR Housing Solutions Center navigator.

Prescreening Questionnaire – This is a 1-page questionnaire a perspective participant must complete in order to be able to apply. There is no cost to submit this questionnaire.

Program Application – This is a short, 2-page application. This must submitted with the $20 criminal background check fee.

Membership Agreement – This is the contract that each member signs to become a member and live in the shared home. This agreement is the legal basis governing the details of their participation in the program and being a member in the home (joining the “KHOC family”) is part of that program.

House Rules – In addition to the stipulations in the Membership Agreement, this is a list of house rules to promote a peaceful and safe family environment in the home.Volunteer – If you are interested in applying for a volunteer position with Kitsap Homes of Compassion, print and complete this application, and send it to KHOC. You can email KHOC, informing us that you want to apply, via the “Contact” menu. After you get a reply you can then scan and email your completed application and we will set up a meeting.

Sliding Scale Monthly Fee – The below table shows a sample how the monthly fee for a room changes with income (fee includes all utilities, cable & internet). Actual room rates vary depending on the lease cost of individual house in question. 

Monthly fee for standard size
private bedroom


Monthly Income Range
of Participant


$700 (min. req) to $999/mo


$1,000 to $1,299/mo


$1,300 and above/mo

 (Most rooms are “standard size” and private (individual) rooms. Some houses have shared rooms with two people to a room, which are cheaper. Some houses have a large master bedroom with private bathroom, which are $100/mo more expensive.)

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