Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated, and tax deductible.  You can make a donation via Credit or Debit Card, or PayPal acct via the DONATE button. The DONATE button also allows for automatic monthly donations, which are especially helpful for our program planning.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Kitsap Homes of Compassion (KHOC) is a tax-deductible IRS 501c3 non-profit organization. While the monthly fees paid by the participating men and women living in the homes pay for 100% of the monthly cost of renting a house and paying the utilities, there still are costs that are not covered by their participation fee.

For example, when a room is vacant after a house is leased by KHOC (while waiting for new homeless to be screened by KCR/KHOC, and there are empty rooms), or in between residents, then KHOC must pay those costs to hold the room vacant from donations. That one-time cost averages $300 per participant.

Also, there are some insurance costs that are not fully covered by the residents’ fees. The resident’s monthly fee is intentionally made affordable, below fair-market rates for a comparable room, in order that seniors living on the minimum social security payment can afford to live in the house.

Also the one-time security deposit required to be paid by KHOC in advance to lease a home (and last month’s rent in some situations) is not fully covered by the refundable security deposit collected from the participants. It is approx. $200 per person short (on average). And third, we must prepay the first month rent. So the total one-time cost needed to create a permanent affordable home for 1 person is $800 (300+200+300), or for a 5 bedroom house, $4,000. (Of course, compared with cost of constructing a new 5-plex building, this cost is minuscule.) We must receive donations to cover this one-time cost for every home we start. 

We are looking for an 13th house to lease at this moment.  
Now we’re raising funds for the next group of homes for homeless single senior men and women, and homeless mothers with child. 
Thank you for your consideration.

Can you help us start another home and keep KHOC’s services to Kitsap growing? Together we can put an end to unnecessary homelessness in Kitsap County for the most vulnerable of our society.

Grants from KCR to homeless individuals have helped many with their first month’s program fee and refundable security deposit, but that does not help the one-time cost shortfall of $4,000 per house to start a new house. KCR is not able to help KHOC financially to start new homes – we rely on donors.

Or you can make a check payable to “Kitsap Homes of Compassion”,
and mail it to:

Kitsap Homes of Compassion
7721 Beacon Place NE, Unit 101,
Bremerton, WA 98311

Your donations will allow us to expand our housing service to more homeless and open additional houses.

Thank you for your donations and for passing the word along!

(All staff and board of KHOC are volunteers. All donated funds go to the direct costs of this program, after to 2.2% fee paid to PayPal if donated via their site. Over 99% of all donations directly to KHOC go to program costs. Since all staff are volunteers, less than 1% of our total costs are for administration or fundraising expenses).


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