Guiding Principles

for all Staff and Volunteers

Signed by all staff and volunteers

 Approved 1/15/2021

 Staff and volunteers will respect the inherent dignity of each other and the program participants.  This includes understanding the following: 

  1. Participants have the right to make their own choices and these choices should be respected.
  2. Participants have the right to privacy and confidentiality.  Any and all records will be kept secure.  Staff and Volunteers will not discuss the nature of anyone’s disability or illness with other participants without their permission.
  3. Participants in our program will not be subject to physical threats, intimidation, sexual advances or aggressive physical conduct.
  4.  Participants, Staff and Volunteers all have the right to safe and sanitary conditions.  
  5.  All will be treated with warmth and friendliness and avoid raising voices, belittling or bullying in a hostile manner.  Staff and Volunteers will not use derogatory language in written or verbal communications regarding a participant.

Staff and Volunteers will set clear, appropriate and culturally sensitive boundaries with program participants.  

  1. No Staff or Volunteer of the opposite sex will enter a participant’s room without another person observing.  
  2. No business dealings will be conducted within the home including hosting business presentations and the purchasing of products or services.  No staff or volunteer shall take advantage of participants financially.
  3. Staff and Volunteers will not loan money to program participants.

Anyone seeking assistance will receive the same quality of service and will not receive special treatment because they are liked or disliked by Staff or Volunteers.  Other community service providers may be able to offer services of great benefit to the participant and we will strive to connect them to any appropriate community resource.

Refer to non-discrimination policy

Refer to appeals and grievance policy (located on website under the ‘Contacts’ menu)

Refer to Disciplinary Action Guidelines (located in House Manager Manual)

We appreciate the reality that volunteers and staff are the lifeblood of our organization.  These guiding principles are a tool to create a common framework and set of expectations.  As we grow and expand in our scope of services it is important that we create an understanding regarding accountability.  We ask that you sign this statement of Guiding Principles and agree to serve under the accountability of Joel Adamson as the General Director of Kitsap Homes of Compassion and his designee, Scott Willard as the Program Director.  We greatly appreciate your service.  Together we can house the homeless of our community.


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