Volunteer Positions

If you think you might be interested in volunteering, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can talk with you and see if you would be a good fit on our amazing team of volunteers – which we call that “dream team” because we make dreams come true for the homeless. We need a few more good people on our team.
All team members will receive job training which includes watching on-line training videos, reading training material, and mentoring by a more experienced staff person.  Every job has flexible time requirements, designed to fit into your schedule because we know you have other responsibilities. But there will be clearly defined expectations, and if you find that after volunteering for a while you cannot continue, we will be grateful for the time you were able to contribute.
All positions are part-time, most requiring less than 5 hours per week. Short-term commitments (for a few months), are also fine. You will be joining a team of fun, dynamic individuals who have compassion for the vulnerable.
You can print a Volunteer Application under this tab.

House Manager (HM):  It is the goal of the house manager to assist the home’s residents in adjusting to living peacefully in a shared living environment. The HM must meet with residents on a regular basis at the home to help facilitate their regular resident’s meetings and encourage self-management of their home. The HM must be available to the residents outside of regular work hours via text and/or phone to intervene in case of emergencies. They provide many functions similar to a case manager, and at times coordinate care for the residents of their home. They also provide leadership to the “KHOC Companions/Advocates” working with the residents of their home. Request a complete job descriptions via the ‘CONTACT’ web page.

Men’s Advocate and Women’s Companion/Advocate:  Be a friend and listening ear to those in your assigned home. Be a person of compassion, empathy, and moral support. No experience necessary (we will train you).

Handyman/Maintenance Assistant: Assist, as needed, with making minor repairs and maintenance on program houses.

Trainer in Computers and IT Support: We need staff to train our residents (members) in the use of the community computers we provide in the homes. If you could provide beginner training in how to use laptops, how to access the internet, and basics in Microsoft Word and Excel, that would be great. We want to increase the job skills of our KHOC home family members.

Employment Coordinators: KHOC seeks to create an amazing employment program to provide its members – whatever their previous work experience – with job readiness skills, long-term employment acquisition, and enabling them to regain the confidence and the motivation needed to obtain greater economic independence. Employment Coordinators are key to their success, by making contacts with business owners as well as government agencies, and helping create appropriate opportunities.  This would include setting up Transitional Employment (TE) opportunities [this is a part-time work program that sets members up to work in companies around Kitsap County giving them the skills and experience they need to find permanent employment], as well as Supported Employment (SE) [this is a competitive process in which KHOC members contend for jobs at Kitsap County organizations against others that do not face the same challenges]. KHOC Employment Coordinators help members navigate this process by building relationships with employers and providing member training and support.

Management System Program Head: We need a professional with experience in Management Systems to assist us in further developing our “Supportive Housing Management System,” as explained on our SHMS web page (under the “Leadership” drop down menu).

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